Friday, August 1, 2008

Newsday Poll shows serious skepticism, turtle fixation

Newsday is running a poll to see what people think the monster is.

We voted for "unknown sea creature" (natch) but we're saddened that a majority of the respondents think the monster is a photoshop. C'mon! A lot of people also think that we created the monster, and I can categorically deny that. Other things that are definitely not publicity stunts and that we have nothing to do with: the Large Hadron Collider's forthcoming destruction of the earth, "Hockey scores", and Steorn.

Also bizarre: 22.7% think it's a turtle without a shell. Are you serious.

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Claire said...

Dang it people! You obviously believe those cartoons that show turtles crawling out of their shells, like they are living in trailers! NO. Turtles ribs are fused to the shell, and the whole caprice is a PART of the turtle's skelteon. That creature is a mammal, and it's bill is what's left of a normal snout. My view is its a raccoon that's rotted, but I'll go with the dog theory easily enough. But turtle? P l e a s e...