Friday, August 1, 2008

Bounty still unclaimed!

Don't forget monster hunters: the lifetime supply of Venom Energy Drink payable upon the capture of a live Montauk Monster still unclaimed.

If you've got proof of your successful capture, send it to us at and we'll examine it carefully for veracity, truthfulness, consistency.

UPDATE: We've received a fair amount of email from people who have evidence that they have caught other monsters. If you have caught:
then you do not qualify for the lifetime supply of Venom Energy Drink. Please send evidence of any of the above to Loren Coleman. Except the last one; send that to TMZ.

SECOND UPDATE: We've been getting some rad fan art of the Montauk beakmonster. If you've got something cool that you've made, send it to us at and maybe we'll hook you up with some Venom.

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