Friday, August 1, 2008

To catch the Montauk Monster, you must have the right gear

And unless you're a 00 agent, it's not likely that you've got access to state-of-the art equipment. We here at Venom Energy Drink can help you with that. Just take a look below at our cutting edge line of Montauk Monster huntingwear, custom-designed to help you track down the elusive sea beast.

Like we said, some of you monster-hunters out there have been sending us some totally awesome fan art and helpful information about the Monster to Keep sending us your artistic renditions of the beast or any useful Monster-related news, and we'll hook you up with free Venom Energy Drink product or one of the items below.

Remember, this doesn't just affect the innocent citizens of the affects anyone who has ever set foot on a beach, or dipped their toe in the ocean. It's time to fight back.